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Toddlers and Preschoolers

Maple Bear Academy proudly offers an exceptional toddler and preschool program that will delight the most curious little explorers while exceeding parent expectations. Your child will be enchanted by the multitude of challenging activities, creative learning, music and dramatic play our day care has to offer. They will develop their first friendships, leading to confidence and self esteem. Principles of respect, honesty and integrity can be taught at any age, and we firmly believe in cultivating these values early on.

Our philosophy is that integrating all age groups (infants, toddlers and preschoolers) benefits everyone in many significant ways. Toddlers use sensory experiences to learn about their world, and love mirroring the expressions and behaviors of older children. Preschoolers relish in their ability to be leaders, and learn patience and kindness towards their little friends. Children of different ages inspire and challenge one another, and we believe this is a critical factor in promoting self-expression and independence.

Emphasis in our toddler/preschool program is placed on:

Physical Development

  • Providing safe equipment and space for little movers to explore, climb, balance, swing, discover, experiment and grow
  • Utilize creative activities that facilitate further development of gross and fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, balance and spatial awareness, and muscular strength
  • Instill awareness about the importance of regular exercise on health and promote lifelong participation in physical activity

Social Development

  • Establishment of self esteem, trust and confidence through nurturing personal interactions and attention
  • Encourage leadership and innovation
  • Promote curiosity and stimulate brain development through social experiences with other infants, toddlers and preschoolers
  • Cultivate first friendships
  • Engage in independent play as well as structured group activities
  • Develop self awareness, a sense of others, and a feeling of group belonging

Cognitive Development

  • Provide a comprehensive variety of both structured group and independent play activities, materials and toys that stimulate sensory exploration, develop memory skills, and promote learning
  • Promote imagination and self expression through creative arts projects, music and expressive movement, dramatic play and pretending
  • Participation in more complex games, rule following, acceptance of outcomes
  • Ensure dedicated quiet time for rest and energy renewal


  • Encourage a lifelong love of reading by exposing the child to books, reading in groups, rhyming, singing and acting out stories, and access to books during free play and quiet time
  • Promote effective communication using words to express feelings
  • Positive reinforcement of good behavior, simple and direct communication regarding undesirable behaviors
  • Regular communication with parents regarding your child’s progress and updates

Health & Nutrition

  • Promotion of nutrition, hydration, health and wellness utilizing standards set forth by the American Academy of Pediatrics and its affiliates
  • Encourage adequate hydration by offering water frequently. Transition children to 2% milk after second birthday (soy milk always available if parents prefer)
  • Encourage sampling of a wide variety of healthy and delicious foods to promote taste bud development and instill awareness of the importance of wholesome eating
  • Hygienic, non toxic environment maintained using exclusively eco-friendly phosphate free cleaning products


By the time your child graduates from Maple Bear Academy (with an MBA!) they have developed a solid foundation of skills for effective communication, hands on learning and problem solving, creative discovery and expression, physical activity and wellness. They will have established treasured relationships and lifelong memories. They will be happy, well-adjusted children, ready to embrace the next exciting step in their life journey.

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