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Maple Bear Academy only accepts full time registrations and payments are due every Thursday 52 weeks per year regardless of the child’s actual attendance.


Infants up to 20 months 20 months+
$450 per week $375 per week


Space is held on reserve for a child by a two week non refundable security deposit that is applied to the child’s last two weeks in attendance (regardless of fee increases by the time the child graduates/moves on).

First weeks payment is due the Thursday prior to the child’s start date. Payments are then due every Thursday thereafter. Parents may choose to pay up front for up to 4 payments at a time.

Maple Bear Academy closes at 6:00pm for cleaning/preparing for the next day. Late parents will be charged at a rate of $25 per 15 minutes payable at the time you pick up your child.

Non-sufficient funds charges will be the responsibility of the parent to reimburse along with a $25 fee.

There may be a minimal rate increase on the anniversary date of your child’s enrollment. You will be notified two weeks prior to any rate change.

Overdue Accounts

If payment is not received, the security deposit will be applied and the parent placed on two weeks notice for termination of enrollment. If the parent wishes to continue enrollment, the full amount of the security deposit at the current rate must be paid in full.

Income tax receipts are issued at year end, however more frequent receipts are available upon request.






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