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The Best in Child Care, Infant Care, and Early Education

Maple Bear Academy is dedicated to fostering an infant’s development starting at any age while adhering to the expectations of today’s modern parent. Your infant will soak up the gourmet delights of stimulating activities, diverse personalities, and daily challenges our day care has to offer them.

Our day care does not separate infants from toddlers, toddlers from preschoolers. We believe that blending age groups encourages patience, caring, and consideration in the older child while challenging and inspiring the younger child. Infants delight in watching, imitating, and learning from other children. We value every infant’s unique developmental pattern, and provide a safe, nurturing “home away from home” environment that allows for natural adjustment to our day care. 

Emphasis in our infant program is placed on:

  1. Physical Development
    • Utilize activities and age appropriate materials that facilitate gross and fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, balance and spatial awareness, and muscular strength
    • Maintain infant safety at all times by continuously assessing developmental level and advancing at infants own pace
  1. Social Development
    • Establishment of self esteem, trust and confidence through nurturing personal interactions and frequent one to one care
    • Promote curiosity and stimulate brain development through social experiences with other infants, toddlers and preschoolers
    • Engage in parallel play as well as structured group activities
  1. Cognitive Development
    • Provide a comprehensive variety of age appropriate activities, materials and toys that stimulate sensory exploration, develop memory skills, introduce the concept of cause and effect, and promote creativity and learning
    • Ensure quiet time for infants to rest and renew energy
  1. Communication
    • Stimulate curiosity and interaction by singing, talking, reading, one on one and group experiences, exposure to other children
    • Utilize eye contact and while praising and encouraging infant’s babbling
    • Effective daily written communication for parents regarding your infants day, progress, and updates
  1. Health & Nutrition
    • Promotion of nutrition, hydration, health and wellness utilizing standards set forth by the American Academy of Pediatrics and its affiliates
    • Gradually help transition infants from breast milk and formula to whole cows milk/soy milk after 12 months of age and per parent preferences
    • Work closely with parents to introduce wholesome, homemade first foods and advance diet at the infants own pace
    • Encourage sampling of a wide variety of healthy and delicious foods to promote taste bud development
    • Hygienic, non toxic environment maintained using exclusively eco-friendly phosphate free cleaning products

Our 28 years of experience has shown us that this results in well-adjusted, inquisitive infants ready to embark on the adventures of toddler-hood. Happy babies leads to happy parents!


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